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Parquet in English comes from the word parquetry which means installing or arranging thin wooden slats with geometric pattern on a floor plot.

When compared with other types of floor coverings such as ceramics, marble, or granite, wooden floor or commonly called this parquet does have a lot of uniqueness. The wooden character that binds the heat provides a warm atmosphere in space.
Its elegant look captivates many people. The charm of the wood displayed from the color, fiber, and groove trunks that have made people interested in using this material, as well as a floor covering material.

The warm, soft nature of the wood makes it safer for children. When the child falls, it will not be too hard and cause injury than if we use ceramic floor coverings or natural rock (marble or granite).

Good quality wood floors with good care and can be true for 20 years. In this lifetime, the wood floor can be refinished so that the color remains brilliant and the surface remains smooth without scratches.

Use wood flooring for space and places where traffic and loads are not too high.