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Basically, the parquet is divided into 3 types or variants, namely vinyl parquet, laminate parquet, solid parquet. All three have motives, advantages, and also different prices.
Solid parquet or commonly called solid wood parquet is made especially with solid wood pieces, usually with a thickness of about 1.5 cm. You will benefit from being able to merefinshing as many as you want. Parquet this floor can bring the impression of soft and luxurious.

Laminate Wood Flooring From Quality Fiber Materials
The second is laminate parquet. This type is not made of wood but rather of fiber that is designed in such a way as to resemble wood. Sometimes this parquet is coated with plywood in the bottom (bottom).

This type also has the disadvantages that among others are: can not be re-finishing, and also we must replace it if damaged. The technological sophistication of today has helped to develop the motives of this parquet floor, now we can find bamboo-like motifs.

The last type of parquet floor is a vinyl parquet. This parquet floor is a combination of solid wood mounted on the surface, and plywood or so-called low quality wood at the bottom. In general, solid wood on this vue parquet has a thickness of only 5mm. Unlike laminate parquet, this parquet can be refinished even though it can not be difinish as often as solid parquet.